Pip pots Score
Ones (3)
Twos (6)
Threes (9)
Fours (12)
Fives (15)
Sixes (18)
Pip Score
Bonus (37)
Pip Total
Poker plays Score
Three of a kind
Four of a kind
Full House
Small Straight
Large Straight
Poker Plays Score
Grand Total
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 Thirty Dots - a dice game based on an old game called Yacht that isn't anything like that other, trademarked dice game. At all. Really.

How to play

Click the roll button to roll the dice. You get only three rolls per score

Click on a die to "lock" it. Click again to unlock

Click on the score field to place your score. If you change your mind or click in the wrong field, click again to erase it, then click on another score. You can change your mind as often as you want to until you roll for the next set.


In the pip plays, your score is the total for the dice that match the category - i.e. you get three sixes the score is 18. If you get 63 or more points in the pip plays, you get a bonus of 37. Sixty-three is the score you get if you get exactly 3 dice in each category.

In the poker plays, each category scores differently: